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Contact us via CareAccord®

The Oregon POLST Registry has joined CareAccord®!

The Registry can accept scanned POLST forms, requests for POLST forms, resolutions for POLST form issues and general questions though CareAccord®!

All submissions, requests and questions can be sent through CareAccord® to the Oregon POLST Registry at: opr.admin@direct.careaccord.org


To submit forms: scan your POLST forms as PDFs and attach them to your direct secure message with the subject line “Form Submission


To request a POLST form: Send a direct secure message with:

» The patient’s name

» Date of birth

» Registry ID (if available)

» Subject line: “Form Request

» Attach: Proof of care document (ex. face sheet)

The Registry requires proof of care before a POLST form can be released. If you prefer, you may wait to send this until you are notified the Registry has a copy of the requested form. Submitting requests via CareAccord® eliminates the need to call the Registry office and allows for you to send and then check that message from any device that allows you to log into CareAccord®.


To resolve a form issue: When a form is returned because it is missing required information (aka. Not Registry Ready, “NRR”), upon correction you can resubmit the form by sending the corrected form via CareAccord® with the subject line “NRR # ____” (including the NRR Reference number assigned to the form). The Registry may also send NRR forms back via CareAccord®, with a subject line of “NRR #____” to alert you there is a form issue to resolve. You may reply to this e-mail string with the corrected POLST attached.


The Oregon POLST Registry is excited to be able to serve the medical community in new and innovative ways and looks forward the new possibilities that CareAccord® brings. Please contact us with any questions you may have. We look forward to working with you!


To learn how the CareAccord® Direct Secure Messaging system works and to register for an account, visit their website at www.careaccord.org or e-mail them at careaccord.info@state.or.us.